The Best Bride and Groom Entrance Ideas on The Internet:

We get it. You want to be original and unique. You need wedding ideas and inspiration. You need to outdo your old college friend’s wedding. Girl we got you.

Here are some amazing and cool bride and groom entrances. Some are super cheap, and some will require you to look deep into your bank account. Either way, they’re all great!

1.  Create a magical ambience as you enter with your friends holding sparklers over your heads celebrating the joyous occasion.

2.  Go for a traditional Punjabi entrance. Having Dhol players will never get old, so you always have the option of being traditional and creating a bang!

3. Feel like a princess with this flower dupatta and impress all your guests with a spectacular entrance. 

4. Why not opt for a fairy tale entrance? A horse and carriage is so romantic and dreamy!

5. Be a little more daring and think outside the box by hiring a decorated rikshaw! It’s probably ideal for a mehndi or sangeet entrance.

6. Get your girls to dance you in!


7. You could turn up in swag with motorbikes.

8. Or you could come in like a queen!


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