Top 10 wedding shoes

Preparing how you look on your big day is probably the most important thing you’re going to do. From your hair and makeup to your outfit. You may have already thought about all of this, but what’s the point if your shoes don’t complete your outfit?

This is why I feel like I need to stress the importance of this! Girls, you need to get it right!

Check out my top 10 wedding shoes below. I chose a range of shoes, from budget ones and the higher end ones, so check it out and let me know what you think in the comment section!

1. My personal go-to shop for shoes is Dune. I have to say, whenever I have been in a pickle, I’ve found that Dune has always been my saviour!Check out these beauties for only £85, you’re not really losing out.




2. These shoes are so stunning! It literally took me 2 hours to find them on the internet! But I did it! If love bling, you will love these! They are Badgley Mischka shoes, and guess what?! I’ve found a website where you can get them on sale! They were £260.00 but have been reduced to £136.00! Just use the link below!





3. I’m not going to lie. These shoes are expensive. But they’re Valentino. So…


4. Bling is king! These Jimmy Choo shoes are my favourite. But t £2750.00, I’d rather spend that money elsewhere! But hey, if you do decide to buy them then kudos to you!


5. At £34.99 these shoes are ideal if you’re on a budget. They’re from New look and I have to admit, I’m actually very impressed. They’re embellished yet simple, and it may just be ideal in completing your outfit!


6. These shoes are so pretty! They’re simple and elegant and you can wear them time and time again! Best thing about them is that they’re only £34.00 from Asos! Click the link below to check them out!



7. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of having personalised shoes. I’ve seen so many pictures on Pinterest that I had to look into it. So, the best place for me to begin was Of course. I found a lady who paints your shoes with your name and wedding date and it’s so cute, and to top things off, its only £45.00! Click the link below to see more!


8. I don’t know if you guys remember Faith the shoe shop. But back in the day it was quite big in the UK. They no longer have stores, but you can find them in Debenhams. Faith have some stunning shoes! And I think these shoes are fabulous! P.S they’re only £39.20 in the sale.


9. These shoes are the cheapest that I’ve found on the internet! They are from and are only £14! The only thing is that you NEED to order them in advance, else, you may not get the, in time. I recommend ordering them 2 months prior to your wedding or maybe even earlier if you can!



10. If you’re quite tall and you don’t intend on wearing high heels, then these sandals may just be the thing for you. They are a Sophia Webster design and are so flawless! They’re around £350.00 but are sold out right now!


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