Top Bridesmaid outfits

So are you all set for your wedding?!! I guess the answer would be yes or no, I would count it as a tie because the preparations are never ending. But let me make you add one more thing to make your wedding even more interesting and especially if you are the bride. How about designing or deciding the outfits for your bridesmaid… Sounds Wow. Right?

Here we go with few bridesmaid outfits that you can take a clue from and just add a bit of your taste to make it more of your style.

  1. How about giving a pinch of spring touch in your bridesmaid attires and making a happy dale picture? The mix of mints and ivory makes a perfect outfit for your girls. what say?
  2. How about bridesmaid in colourful sarees making the wedding more colourful.
  3. The bride is supported by her bridesmaid wearing and accompanying her by wearing subtle lehenga choli.







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