Top duties of Maid of Honour

Being Maid of honour feels like having some super power that comes with a tagline, “With great power comes great responsibility”

But as special as it sounds, it also means not only that you are the most special one she has in her life to give you this title on her D day but also that you are considered the most responsible and trustworthy one.

Taking the first part of the explanation into consideration, you’ll have this mixed emotional feeling as to how to be the perfect maid of honour.

Here are some tips to consider before taking up this overwhelming title

  • Don’t be a volunteer adviser:

Yes, you heard it right! Unless asked seriously, don’t impose your opinions on her. But if she asks for it, give it your best.

  • Be an Emotional Support:

The whole wedding is a challenge in itself, so be everything she expects out of you. Be the one she can vent out anything and everything to.

  • Be the best entertainer:

She needs a lot of laughter therapy during these days. Be her therapist.

  • Be the planner:

There’s so much to do starting from pre wedding planning, bachelorette parties, shopping and altering dresses and the list goes on. Be a meticulous planner.

  • Be the Treasurer:

As the bride and/or couple open gifts, jot down who gave what gift and what exactly it was. This will help the bride tremendously when she sits down to write thank-you notes. Most of all, keep the groom’s ring safe.

  • Prepare your wedding day speech:

Consider it the most precious time of your effort. Put every emotion in black and white and make your best friend feel the most special about her Wedding day and your friendship.

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