Top 5 Pinterest boards YOU NEED TO FOLLOW!

If you’ve just started to plan your wedding, you’ll need some kind of inspiration. Let me introduce to you, Pinterest. A brides best friend. Whether it’s themes, clothes, décor or makeup your in search for, Pinterest has it all.

Here are our 5 top Pinterest Boards that you need to follow:

1.Asian Brides Blog. It goes without saying that our Pinterest board rocks! There’s so many inspirational pictures and we update this daily!


2. Wed Me Good. This page is full of amazing pictures, it’s one that we follow and a must for every Desi bride!




3. Big Fat Asian Wedding. This page has tons of stunning pictures, all categorised into different folders. Do check it out.




4. South Asian Wedding Inspiration Pages. It’s a long  title but it’s worth following them!




5. Rabs/ Wedding Asian Wedding Ideas. This little lady has done well for herself and has an awesome Pinterest page. Something to consider for sure.





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