Top Wedding Rasam in Pakistan

If you have grown up in Pakistan or you have grown up knowing that rasam signifies cultural customs then you cannot be faulted for your interest in knowing what the rasams in Pakistan are. Rasams are known to be based on cultural traditions but society has changed over the past decades. Some of these rasams are forgotten or are not followed anymore.

These rasams are still a part of the Pakistani culture and can still make any wedding special. Without further ado, here are the top wedding rasams in Pakistan.

1.No Makeup (Pakistani Mayoun or Mehndi Rasam)

The brides are not supposed to leave their homes days or weeks before their wedding. They are not supposed to put any makeup on and they should place oil on their hair. The bride may look a bit disheveled until the day of her wedding. This can make her transformation really life-changing not only for the people around her but also for herself.

Admittedly, this can be a bit hard to do at present time as a lot of Pakistani women also have a lot of things to attend to outside the house but having no makeup can still be done on the bride’s bridal shower provided that the bride-to-be has glowing skin.

2. Mehndi

It has been said that this is the first bridal shower that the world has seen. It is also one of the oldest cultural wedding traditions in Pakistan. Basically, all of the women that are connected to the bride will be getting together and will work together in applying mehndi on the bride and on each other. They will sing and dance throughout the event. This is a beautiful ceremony that a lot of brides would love to participate in.

At present time, this bridal shower already includes the groom’s side. This is now considered to be a big party that would lead up to the wedding. Of course, the friends and family members would still have the apply the mehndi on the mayoun.


3.Feeding Sweets


This tradition is also known as Saath Suhagan Rasam Mehndi/Mithai ki Rasam and Mithai Ki Rasam. The friends and the family members of the bride and groom will be placing some mehndi on a decorative leaf that the couple is holding and then sweets will be fed to them. It is believed that by doing this, marital happiness will be passed on to the bride and the groom.

There are still a lot of other traditions that are done for the Pakistani wedding and they should all be commemorated and remembered because they can still make days prior to the wedding memorable.





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