Wedding Photography Trends

You are getting married and you know what is more stressful after picking up a perfect dress for your wedding. Choosing a perfect wedding photographer. Well, you should definitely be, at last it’s the priceless moments you going to remember whole through your life which he is going to capture with all his heart.

So before picking up a photographer make sure you know the hot trends that is going around the globe when it comes to capturing a picture perfect moment and not to forget he is well aware off with that too.

  1. Vintage look: Creating a dreamy effect and making you nostalgic of that very moment.


2. SMOKY BOMBS: This Effect is something that adds an unusual effect and spark to your picture. Its captured with immense backlighting, to create an amazing shot.


3. Drone effect This one effect is going with full pace and every photographer is on the go to take shots which he cannot take by standing at one specific spot. Make sure you get to add that one shot in your album.



4. What’s without a hashtag#: The future brides are coming up with this unique idea of hashtag by making the marriage more fun and drooling. So, brides don’t forget to come up with unique and creative hashtags.




5. Black and white can never go out of style: The classic theme of black and white can never go out of the story. Every photographer makes sure he adds a bit of drama and reality to the picture by making it real with his reel.



P.S: Get ready to fill some memorable moments in your album.:)

Seep Narula..xoxo




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