Your Personal Wedding checklist

Make sure you don’t miss a thing, with our wedding checklist; you can print it out or download it to your phone or laptop.

12 months left …

  • Set the date
  • Set a budget
  • Begin to plan how many guests you’d like to invite
  • Plan your theme, (remember you can have different themes for each occasion i.e. the Mehndi night, reception ceremony, wedding ceremony etc.)
  • Start looking for a venue that will cater for all your needs
  • Book the ceremony venue (mosque, temple, church etc.)
  • Keep an eye out for different service providers (i.e. the entertainment, makeup artist, caters, care hire, florists, etc.)
  • Delegate tasks to your helpers, i.e. bridesmaids etc.
  • Begin to make your bookings

6 months left …

  • Begin to put down deposits
  • Order your invitation cards, place cards and thank you notes
  • Go wedding outfit shopping
  • Make sure you try on your bridal outfit(s), and get measured properly. Once you’ve found your ideal outfit, make any necessary alterations.
  • Sort out outfits for your bridesmaids and attendants
  • Register your marriage with the local authority
  • Book and finalise any major service provider

5 months left…

  • Send out all your invitations
  • Order you wedding cake and Mehndi cake
  • Arrange all transport
  • Reserve all the equipment you need to hire (marquee, chairs etc.)
  • Site your venue once again and make sure that you are content with all the arrangements
  • Create a seating plan
  • Book your honeymoon, make sure that your passport is in date and that you get any necessary vaccinations
  • Finalise all your bookings

3 months left…

  • Finalise your guest list
  • Order you floral arrangements
  • Arrange your favours
  • Arrange the décor for the Mehndi and Haldi nights
  • Make arrangements for the drinks
  • Check on your bridal outfit (how it’s going to be delivered, are there any alterations needed? etc.)
  • Go for hair and makeup trials
  • Choose your makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Choose gifts for your groom, bridesmaids, attendants, family members, in-laws etc.

2 months left…

  • Reconfirm all the bookings
  • Make all Mehndi and Haldi arrangements
  • Pay all the deposits
  • Confirm all honeymoon bookings
  • Order your guest book
  • Make all staying arrangements for your guests

1 month left…

  • Finalise all bookings
  • Make sure that you and your service providers have a clear understanding of what their service will entail
  • Create your music playlist
  • Confirm marriage licence
  • Make sure your bridal outfits are ready

2 weeks left…

  • Arrange name and address change
  • Confirm all the arrangements for the Mehndi and Haldi ceremony
  • Reconfirm seating plan
  • Confirm transport
  • Confirm drinks

1 week left…

  • Wrap all the gifts
  • Pack all your things for moving out
  • Pack your honeymoon suitcase
  • Buy all toiletries needed
  • Notify every one of the wedding rehearsal
  • Go over all the final details of the ceremony and reception with family members
  • Have your Mehndi ceremony
  • Have your Haldi ceremony
  • Get your mehndi done

1 day…

  • Have a manicure, pedicure and facial
  • Collect the wedding cake
  • Attend the wedding rehearsal
  • Have your wedding outfit steamed and ready to wear
  • Make an emergency kit ready for the wedding day (things like safety pins, makeup, tissues, bobby pins, breath mints etc.)
  • Have a hot bath and remember to relax

Wedding day…

  • Have a light breakfast
  • Get changed into your outfit
  • Get your hair and makeup done
  • Spend some time with your family, before you go
  • Make sure family members check that everything is ok at the venue
  • Enjoy the most special day of your life!

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